Sunday, February 17, 2013

April's a Big Month!

I've recently gotten several bits of news. First, I'm still waiting for the ebook version of The Wonk Decelerator to be released for Kindle and Nook. Right now it's still only available at the eTp site as a PDF ebook. I feel quite good that this should happen any day now. Second, The Wonk Decelerator should also be available in April 2013 in paperback. Last, now that things are rolling more smoothly at the publisher, I can safely say that my second novel, The Late, Great Benjamin Bale has a definite release date set, and it is going to be released in ebook on April 29th 2013! Therefore, I will have two books out simultaneously in April 2013 -- pretty cool, huh?!

These dates can change.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Character

Not too long ago I ran into some trouble with the novel I'm working on, Revenge of the Crimson Witch. I wrote this scene with two characters fighting each other, nearly to the death, and I was just thrilled with the outcome of the scene. It was exciting just to write it! Well, a couple of days later I was studying my timeline and I realized that these characters couldn't possibly be on the same star ship together at this point in the story -- duh! One character was five days behind and there was no changing that fact without chucking most of the storyline (and the book is two-thirds done). So, I pulled the scene out and filed it away, hoping that maybe somehow I'd use it later.
Well, I needed someone to fight Maggie and I ended up with this new character. The really great thing is that with this new character came a new sub plot-line that added tremendously to the overall story. So by making a mistake the story actually got better, and deeper. I have to tell you that this sort of thing makes the writing experience great for me, and I wonder if the problems we face in life don't many times work out similarly with good things for us, if we let them. Think about it. Maybe it's not so bad. God can make it good.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ideas Come in the Strangest Places.

I was at the theatre with the family today, watching the Hobbit and totally engrossed in this great movie, when I suddenly saw one of my secondary characters in a deeper, more meaningful way. I saw him angry, hurting, most of all missing someone. And I saw him overlooking someone in his life that he should not be overlooking. It touched me to think of him trying his best to get a glimpse of someone long gone, and ignoring someone whose love he should be returning right now.

Then I wondered, how often do I do this? How often do I latch onto the past, when the present is so filled with lovely people? I regret not telling them often enough how much they mean to me. How about you?

Enjoy life. This is what God has given you -- today.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Reading List

This is my most recent reading list. Not very exciting.
On Writing, Stephen King.  (I'm mostly finished with this. Good mechanics advice -- raw language)
Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Lynne Truss.  (Nearly finished. Funny and informative)
The Elements of Style, Strunk and White.  (Finished and reading through again. Trying to learn.)
The Art of Intercession, Kenneth E. Hagin.  (Finished, but still reading in bits and pieces. I love Hagin Sr)
The Bible (Daily) I also carry a pocket Bible.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What A Beautiful Cover

I was just thinking about how impatient I am, and how unappreciative. We look for something good, and when it comes we look past it to the next thing. Lord, help me to be more thankful. I'm looking on my blog at this beautiful cover for the Wonk Decelerator and I'm thinking about how my wife and kids designed it (they actually did the box with the hologram themselves) -- and I recall how my publisher invested in that cover, my book, and me.
I don't know about you, but I spend too much time looking for the next step and not being thankful for the step I'm on. I've got a ways to go as a writer. This is a good place for me to grow. While I'm learning patience, I can learn to perfect my craft.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Write From Your Heart

I remember I was out at sea back in the seventies when I wrote my first short story (a real piece of crap) and my first poem (even worse). Interestingly enough the word got out on the ship that I wrote poetry. Some guys came by and checked out my poem (I didn't know them -- someone told them to give a looksy). After that these guys, and others, would drop by my rack to see what I'd written. I didn't know why they came. I threw away all of that stuff soon after I'd written it, but it came from my heart and some people enjoyed it -- I suppose they related to it. I should have learned the obvious lesson back then -- write from your heart and you'll attract people with what you have to say -- but it took God to show me how important this is in the life of any writer. Don't write from your head. Look inside and follow the voice of God.
I did a lot of praying before I wrote The Wonk Decelerator. I was afraid that I was going to start thinking way too highly of myself again. Jesus is so humble. He humbled himself to the point of death on a cross, and I was terrified that the old John would start strutting around again and lose my way. But this time I started seeking Him in my writing. It's been a totally different experience. I write about things that moved me.

Do you know that I received only one rejection for The Wonk Decelerator, and I was so glad it happened. That publisher was not for me. In the old days I had rejection after rejection, because my stuff was all from my head and I really didn't believe in it. Write from your heart. Sing from your heart. Act from your heart. Minister from your heart. Love your family from your heart. Don't be afraid to let go and love. Look inside and find your way. You can get to a place of faith in your life that is real joy.