Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thoughts on Writing Successfully.

Recently I signed my third book contract in a little more than a year. It took me a bit to realize that the most important thing I can do as a writer is to write consistently. This has become my motto, no matter what, write! That’s why I am where I am. I keep at it and I don’t quit.

I started my fourth novel and was having a problem connecting to the new storyline and characters. It seemed all kinds of things arose to keep me from my story—self doubts, busyness, writer’s block, laziness; but I knew from experience there is one thing that will work for me: no matter what, write!

I kept writing even though I didn’t feel the story yet, didn’t feel like doing it, couldn’t get my brain around it. But here’s what happened. I kept at it and one day suddenly one character says to another, “You’re the one that sees through walls…” and instantly this character got real to me--then the story settled down in my head.

I firmly believe that just keep working is the best advice we as writers can follow. Just stick with the thing and it will work out. You’ll see; that idea will become a rough, will become a second draft, and then will become a contract. If you get a rejection, just keep writing. If you get a contract, just keep writing.

Don’t quit. Keep working! It’s not really about how talented you are, but whether you’re up for the fight!
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Great info on agents

A discussion on getting an agent (sci/fi horror) that is more than excellent: http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120135

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Current Projects

I have taken a hiatus from the Guild stories for a bit. I'm currently working on my Sci/Fi, Horror novel, THE DARK, and the first in a string of short stories aimed at the paying markets called THE ENEMY, probably to be followed by one of my FRICK short stories about brothers by the same name--sci fi and funny (I had a Jack Frick story published many moons ago called Telepio 690 and I want to expand on the idea).

Here's a small excerpt from Telepio 690:

He pressed a button on the Telesleeve and closed his eyes.
"You are tuned to Telepio 690. Gar Mega's popular choice for Telephathic communications. Please specify type of communication desired..."
"Video," Jack murmured.
"...and type of video desired?"
Jack's mind became filled with vivid , life-like images and sounds.
"Channel 3, please."
Channel 3 was playing a soap opera. It was a low-budget off-world show that had a wide assortment of beings from all parts of the galaxy in starring roles...

(now an excerpt from the soap opera he's watching with his mind)

...Centairians have a habit of, when one head is speaking, letting the other gaze about aimlessly. Erf was doing this. She (his human wife) became annoyed with him.
"Pay attention when I'm talking to you."
Erf's second head swung in line with the other obediently. She put her hands on her hips and glared at him.
"I know all about that little Endorian tart you've been seeing after your games (he's a two-headed sandball player)! How many others are there?"
Erf looked as though he'd been caught with his paw in the cookie jar. Music began to rise within an accusing crescendo, an indication that a commerical was impending...

Return of the Crimson Witch scheduled release

My third novel, Book 3 of the Guild saga, Return of the Crimson Witch is now under contract and scheduled for a late summer 2014 release. First round of edits in February.