Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Wonk Decelerator is Coming Soon!

Update: The Wonk Decelerator is now showing up at the Etreasures home page as Coming Soon. You can click on the cover and read the blurb (this will be on the back cover of the paperback). One of the editor's told me that they were looking into preorders, but for now all you can do is sign in and put it on your wish list at this link Even if you don't use the ebook reader (at this point I still don't) buy some for friends who do! Is that a good enough sales pitch? Okay how about this: dadburnit, Little Joe, the ebook is only $1.99.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Wonk Decelerator is now at eTreasures!

As of today you can now go to the following link and on the homepage you will see my book, The Wonk Decelerator. The book is not yet available for sale, but you can create an account, sign in and put it on your wish list. I don't know how this works, exactly, but it's not a preorder -- I don't think. Then again, maybe it is. This is the ebook version and it's very inexpensive, so go ahead and order a potload for yourself and friends for Christmas! This will help expedite the appearance of the print version.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Wonk Decelerator Cover

The cover for the first book of the Guild saga, The Wonk Decelerator, is available at my website, Click on ABOUT and you'll see it there along with some info about me and how I turned back to writing at this point in my life.

Also, if you're here checking on the availability of The Wonk Decelerator, at this point it still has not been assigned a release date. You could, however, contact the publisher at the following link and tell them you want a copy of this book as soon as it is available: Click on CONTACT US and follow the instructions. Maybe this will help speed things along and I would appreciate it. I really expect big things for this book, and for all of the Guild books. I'm amazed at how many people are visiting this blog even before my first novel has been released. Thanks for your support.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Neighbors

I watched her shuffle along, dragging some hideous, bloody thing behind. A gray and bloated hag, with blue lips, hollow eyes and a thick, slithering tongue. Then I realized that it was just the English neighbor; out to fetch her morning paper, as she chewed on a Cuban stogie. Behind her, her bent and crooked husband held her tuchus aloft, like the train of a bridal gown, perhaps to avoid the dew soaked ground. This has got to be true love, I thought, while I fought to keep my breakfast down.

My Friend Rarf

I've got this Centarian friend, Rarf. He's a veritable treasure trove of nifty anecdotes. Just the other day I ambled over to his hut and he says to me, "Okay, now you getting on Rarf's bad side. What part of restraining order do your little Earther pea brain not get? You come around here one more time and Rarf gonna tie a knot in your keister and force feed you two or three gallons of Remmian laxative."

What a cut-up my good friend Rarf is!