Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Late, Great Benjamin Bale...release date July 1st in ebook

Okay, some of you have been waiting patiently for promised signed paperbacks of my first two novels. I've been given a new release date for Book 2 of the Guild Saga, The Late, Great Benjamin ebook. The new date is Monday July 1st for the ebook.

I'm assuming the same release approach applies as before for the two paperbacks. So we should see both paperback versions available within 2 weeks after the ebook release. I understand that inside each paperback one will see pencil drawings above the chapter headings. These drawings were done by Kerri with help from Abby and Jeremi on the Wonk box. The sleeping Eno is done by Kerri. She's so talented.

Please understand that I have no control over the way my books are being released. The Wonk Decelerator can be found in ebook just about everywhere, except for Amazon. I've been assured the book will be at Amazon soon.

God willing, I will be finished with Book 3 of the Guild Saga, Return of the Crimson Witch, no later than the end of July. This completes the first trilogy of the 2 trilogies for the Guild books. My goal has been to have all 3 books available in paperback before the holidays and we might do it.

Before I write the 2nd trilogy, I will be writing 3 unrelated novels. So, next for me, God willing, is, The Dark. There's a storm on the horizon...or is it a storm? Remember when you were little and you were told there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark? Actually, you should be very afraid.