Saturday, September 19, 2015

My fourth book!

My latest book, The Daughter of Geth, will be released shortly. It is a prequel to The Guild trilogy. My third book, Return of the Crimson Witch, will then be released. Here's the blurb and cover for the prequel, which will also be released free for a limited time as an ebook at Smashwords and Amazon.

“I am, Morning Toill, the daughter of, Geth—the last of his powerful children. Today the Thieves Guild pilot will come to see me, just as I have dreamed--my dreams are always true. He is the one they will call Lazarus, but he will not accept it when I tell him so. The tale of Thad Cochran begins here with me, and I will show him what is coming. A bloodthirsty one he will one day be, and not even his love for Maggie Thorn will keep him forever on the path of peace. One day soon, the Thieves Guild pilot will face his destiny…at a faraway place called, the North Ridge. There the avenger will confront the dreamer, and only the spirits know which one will prevail.”